И мы вновь к вам с похудением — его, как говорится, много не бывает. Недавно выкатили ТОП-5 крео-подходов из Facebook для похудалок на весну, потому что эта тема вечная, и точно переживёт каждого из нас. Ну а пока вы в дееспособном состоянии — почему бы не набраться идей для новых рекламных кампаний по похудалкам. Кстати, вы можете сделать это благодаря этой статье, например. Попробуете?

У нас тут внушительное количество крео из Facebook на любой вкус:

☑️ 16 — основных: увидите их в полной связке с текстами и инфой по фан- и вайт-пейдж;
☑️ 50 — бонусных: 20 видео и 30 изображений;
☑️ 5 прелендов.

❗️ Важно: акцент в этом материале сделан на тексты постов Facebook. Они не традиционно арбитражные, но именно они могут стать мощным источником новых идей. Причём не только для креативов, но и для прелендов. Главное, суметь интерпретировать. Но для вас это будет не сложно.

И незатейливо напоминаю о конкурсе LeadRock, где можно выиграть целый лям! Ребята, целый нафиг лям. Ну, вообще-то этот конкурс уже подходит к концу, но я уверен, что у ребят будут ещё и не хуже.

Но о конкурсе потом. Сейчас — вдохновение для ваших РК. Гоу.


Так как акцент в этом материале сделан на креативы, то логично, что о них речь пойдёт в первую очередь. Напоминаю, что главное — текст.

🅰️ Heading — I had to ask.. I just had too.. «What did you do to make the transformation❗️❓» This was the question I had always wanted to ask Mary but never did. I knew her from Highschool and watched her journey via social media. Then on a Saturday morning I bumped into her at the grocery store and began confessing. I told her how great she looked and how impressed I was. She looked so good! During our conversation it was obvious I was envious of her. But how could I not be? She was looking better than she ever had and I looked like I peaked in Highschool. I hadn’t worn her size jeans since then either. Once I finished gushing over her, I asked the question above and her answer surprised me. Mary explained to me that she took a four question quiz online that led her to a video explaining an Ecuadorian ritual. She told me she does this three second ritual every morning and is able to live her life as usual and eat whatever she wants without going to the gym. In my head I was thinking
🅱️ Description — Discover how AMPK flipped my metabolism switch ?
Tiny change in the mornings gave me so much energy

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🅰️ Heading — How This 3 Second ‘Ritual’ Gave Me Back My Figure And Changed My Life Forever! Oh my gosh… I just had to share this! I had tried to avoid ice cream, brownies, cookies, cake and bread for years… and I did not do a very good job at it. Not any more… this time was different. Now I can love all my favorite foods again! I never dreamed that I could love all my favorite foods and love my reflection at the same time. Okay, I am a little ahead of myself. Hi… my name is Debbie, and I would love to share my story. A little over a year ago, I had to go to a ‘Company’ holiday party with my husband, Michael. While I did not want to go, it turned out to be okay! Good food… Good drinks… And they even had a photographer. Surprisingly, I had a good time! Several days later, Michael told me that his company had put the party pictures online. Out of curiosity, I looked at them. It started out exciting and then, all the sudden, I was in shock… and then anger. Who was that woman with my husband? 
🅱️ Description — 96.8% of Women have no idea this method exists!

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🅰️ Heading — “Yesterday I broke down crying in public…” ? I wrote this exactly one year ago. And it was the most hurtful post I’ve ever had to write about myself. You see, 24 hours before writing it, as I was wrapping up my first Christmas shopping spree, I had all the right reasons to be happy. I’d gotten all the toys my grandkids wanted — with huge late Black Friday sale discounts nonetheless ?️ But something happened on my cab ride back home. This cheerful cab driver said something he thought of as funny. The very instant I got inside the car…I felt the cab tilt, and I could swear I heard something crack! ? And I heard him say, “Well, ma’am, you got a bit of extra load besides all that Christmas shopping in the trunk.” I smiled and said…“well, I guess I do”… My excitement and Christmas cheer disappeared. We both went silent. When we arrived, my eyes were so filled with tears; I couldn’t even see. I got my bags and walked away, crying. Until he said: “I’m sorry. For a moment, I forg
🅱️ Description — Only 3.7% Of Women Know This Ritual Exists?

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🅰️ Heading — From 340 to 140 lbs. I’m sixty-three. I am 5’7. Never in a million years could I have hiked four years ago. Four years ago, my husband and I relocated from Fresno to Oakhurst, California, and were enthusiastic about all of the different activities the new location provided: hiking trails, Yosemite biking trails, and a wonderful outdoor atmosphere. Just one thing occurred: I weighed more than 340 pounds and didn’t even want to step outside. Before I moved, I underwent a swift, unexplainable weight gain. I visited a variety of physicians, doctors, had a number of blood checks and everything was fine, except that I was trapped with this extra weight that was not going to go away. Because of my weight, I felt lonely and sad. I haven’t been involved at all and I haven’t been able to do all the stuff I wanted to do. That’s when the adventure began in an unexpected place: a hair salon tour. As I overheard a woman speak about her transformation, I was having my hair dyed, so I wanted to
🅱️ Description — 93% of Women Have No Idea This Exists…
«Simple Morning Ritual» Supercharges Metabolism

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🅰️ Heading — Wow so I’m finally down from 276 to 144. I’m 62. I’m 5’7”. Never in a million years could I have hiked even a few short years ago. Three years ago, me and my husband moved across the country, and we were excited about all of the new activities the new location afforded: hiking paths, biking trails and a great climate for being outdoors. There was just one issue: I weighed more than 255 pounds and didn’t want to go outside. I had experienced swift, unexplainable weight gain before I moved. I consulted with several doctors, underwent numerous blood tests, everything was normal; except that I was stuck with this excess weight that would not budge. I felt miserable and depressed because of my weight. I wasn’t active at all and I couldn’t do all of the things I wanted to. That’s when a journey started in an unlikely place: a trip to the hair salon. I was getting my hair colored when I overheard a woman chatting about her transformation, so I decided to ask her about it. She told me a
🅱️ Description — ❌

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🅰️ Heading — I haven’t seen my best friend for almost 6 months now. So we decided to meet at our favorite restaurant. As I sat there waiting for her, a woman walked up to me with a very familiar smile. It was Lisa and she looked so different. She looked amazing! ? After catching up, she finally opened up about her transformation. She spoke of an odd method she discovered from her brother. She told me to give it a try too. ? On my way home, I couldn’t stop thinking of Lisa and imagining my own self. I’m usually skeptical and to be honest, I’m tired of hearing about every new health fad out there but the method Lisa spoke about made a lot of sense to me. ☺️ Well, without telling anyone, I tried it out myself and now I feel so energized and healthy, it’s honestly amazing! My friends and family are asking me all the time what I did. ? I can’t say it’ll work the same for you, but you can take the short quiz and find it out..??????
🅱️ Description — ✔️Don’t Give Up Carbs.. Do ODD Method Instead?
Most People Have No Idea This Method Exists…

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🅰️ Heading — OK, so I can’t keep this to myself. I feel like I must share my story with EVERYONE! At 55, I finally got to live » my happily ever after » thanks to this simple daily routine. This after-dinner ritual boosted my metabolism while asleep! Now, I feel energized all day long, and I don’t crave snacks anymore. Honestly, it’s the best I’ve felt in a long time. We’re all on different journeys in life and some may not be in a place where they really want change. But if you’re willing to play full on and follow this simple method step by step, you may just alter your life completely. I wish everyone reading this love and best wishes.?
🅱️ Description — Health is the best happiness.

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🅰️ Heading — At 54, I’m fitting into my daughter’s jeans again thanks to this simple morning ritual ? Could it help you too? ? I was watching Iron Chef the other morning and saw chef Bobby Flay make an amazing pan seared halibut, with garlic lemon butter sauce. It looked so good I had to make some. So off I went to the local market to grab some Halibut and all the ingredients he used. The butcher was chatting with a gorgeous blonde who looked absolutely stunning. I mean, C’mon, stop flirting with her and serve me! Just when I was about to interrupt them she looked at me and to my surprise it was Stacy. I hadn’t seen her for years and to be honest the last time I saw her she was the usual pudgy out of shape Stacy I’d always known. “OMG” I said. “Stacy How long has it been?” “Years,” she said. I couldn’t help myself, I had to know… “You look amazing, what’s the secret?” I asked. She told me she came across a video, which introduced her to a super simple «cinnamon ritual» that had completely ch
🅱️ Description — 97.3% Of Women Have No Clue This Method Exists…
After Dinner Ritual

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🅰️ Heading — One night, I was out with my husband and we met a good friend for dinner who I had not seen for a long time. ? She told me as we talked of her about her discovery of what had caused her to slow down over the years and how her situation. For the past few weeks, she had been following what she called her «Simple Method», and it made such a difference for her. Over the next couple of months of implementing this method I watched the needle on the scale gradually shift downwards, and I dropped several dress sizes. But more importantly, I like myself in the mirror again. ?? I have intended to overuse it myself, but I’m extreme happy I’ve done it as I feel full of confidence and totally energized. ? If you have a few moments, click or tap the button below to find out if this might be something that benefits you as well! ?
🅱️ Description — 97.3% of People Absolutely Have No Idea This Method Exists…
Discover How This ‘Simple Method’ Changed My Life!

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🅰️ Heading — I’m 58 and 5’7, From 230 to 140! I noticed my cravings had disappeared! My energy levels are way up and I’m leaner than I’ve been in decades. I woke up excited to check myself every morning! After having kids and hitting my 50s I thought I’d never feel young and healthy again… Well, that wasn’t true! I’m so grateful for the decision we made for us and our family. Because now 1 year has passed, and I’m completely unrecognizable. At first nothing happened. But by the end of week 2, the effects had started to kick in. By the end of the first month I was already seeing a difference on the scale. It’s a simple choice really, like me, I was ready for a change even at my age and the urgency was truly there not only for me but my loved ones… If this hits home…feel free to join me and learn more below Wishing everyone reading this love, health and best wishes.
🅱️ Description — Core Temperature Routine Changed Everything For Me

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🅰️ Heading — «My sister said it made a difference that her husband noticed within a month! I am 57 years old and my metabolism wasn’t what it use to be you could tell.Although I don’t want to admit it, I started to fall into a deep depression. I hated myself for being so unfit. I hated that I was missing out on so many precious moments with my husband and my kids. I honestly did not think this was going to work but figured it’s a vitamin, if anything I’ll be doing the body good. So… I decided to take a before pick just for kicks and WOW… I just took new pics today and well, there’s a difference, wooohooooooo!!! From 230 to 140! I’m 57 and 5’7 So to gain a better understanding of these things, and to discover the unique method I used to release all my unwanted excess…”
🅱️ Description —  Discover How This New Morning Habit Changed My Life

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🅰️ Heading — This time last year, I had no clue that the planet’s healthiest, most slender and disease resistant people focused on their morning habits, rather than what they ate…how does that work?! So let me go back to a few months ago… I had been in a rush to meet up with my sister… who had transformed both her physical appearance (she looked amazing!) as well as her mental well being after struggling for YEARS with strenuous exercise programs and almost impossible to maintain eating habits… I quickly blurted out “What are you doing…to look…like THAT”!? She chuckled and shared this unusual method she discovered from her friend when they met up at a restaurant… I couldn’t believe what she was saying as it was the opposite of everything I’ve been led to believe over the past 49 years of my life 
🅱️ Description — ❌

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🅰️ Heading — Hey, it’s Jenny here, I want to share my class reunion story. I had been struggling with my health ever since I left high school, especially the last few years, where I always had unexplained weight gain, it got to the stage that it was almost out of control, and I always felt tired, and hopeless. Then a few months ago I went to my class reunion, and stumbled upon my old friend Lisa. Lisa was always the «big girl» back then, for as long as we had known her. I still remember the days that we all called her «big Lisa» at school. (if you look at our school photo, I was the skinny one ?) So when I saw her, I must say I was surprised to see how amazing her appearance was!? Needless to say, I got a little jealous. Although a bit embarrassed, I had to ask her how she managed such a drastic transformation. Then Lisa said to me, «to be honest, I had been the same «big Lisa» not long ago, and I even got bigger, till I realized I had to do something about it. I even tried every fad diet pr
🅱️ Description — ❌

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🅰️ Heading — I’m so excited that an Ancient Japanese Ritual ?? has made such a difference in how I look. ? Growing up I watched my mom struggle with her health and the scale… and decided to start exercising, eating right and taking care of myself hoping for a better outcome. ?? But after turning 40… the results on things that worked before weren’t the same. And I felt frustrated… So I was excited when my doctor shared this video with me that turned my life around. I learned that all my struggles were not even my fault. And a lot of people don’t even know this Ancient Japanese Ritual exists and how simple it can be. Now my friends are asking what I’ve been doing recently to look so good. Tap or Click on «Learn More» to read my story and learn about this ritual.
🅱️ Description — 9 out of 10 People have never heard about this Ancient Ritual…

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🅰️ Heading — «Just this routine every morning? That’s all it takes?» I asked. «Yes, indeed!» Said Lisa. This happened a few months ago. I went to my class reunion, and stumbled upon my old friend Lisa. Lisa was always the «big girl» back then, for as long as we had known her. I still remember the days that we all called her «big Lisa» at school. (if you look at our school photo, I was the skinny one ?) So when I saw her, I must say I was surprised by how amazing her appearance was!? Needless to say, I got a little jealous. Although a bit embarrassed, I had to ask her how she managed such a drastic transformation. Then Lisa said to me, «to be honest, I was in very bad shape not long ago, till I realized I had to do something about it. Luckily, I came across this method and started to do this simple morning routine. It did not take long and as you can see, I am now a changed person.» Just this routine every morning? That’s all it takes? I was a bit skeptical at first, but then I thought to m
🅱️ Description — My Old School Friend Lisa Looks So Good Now, She Makes Me Jealous

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🅰️ Heading — I was out for lunch with my colleagues and on our way back, they all walked towards the stairs as I walked towards the elevator and I heard them giggling. I wasn’t sure if it was because of me but as I got to my desk, I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. I used to be very active, but after turning 40 things started to change as I began to slow down and struggle with my health and the scale. Now I could hardly walk up the stairs without pain or feeling faint. My friend Susan noticed I was crying and walked up to me and gave me a hug. She slipped a piece of paper in my hand but I was too upset to look at it then and put it in my bag. When I got home, I unfolded the piece of paper and it was instructions to a 3-Second morning ritual that Susan had been doing. I had noticed recently that she was getting smaller and wondered what she was doing differently. I decided to start doing the morning routine and I’m so glad I did as I too began to reduce and now my friends a
🅱️ Description — 97.3% of Women Have No Idea This Method Exists

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Тут не обычные крео-текстовки, а целые сюжеты из «Зважених та щасливих». Поэтому я и говорил, что они послужат вдохновением для ваших креативов или даже прелендов — как видите, не соврал.

В основном это истории людей, которые якобы на личном опыте испытали все прелести лишнего веса, успешно справились с этой проблемой и теперь счастливы. Ну в некотором роде жизнь действительно упрощается. Хотя бы ходить становится проще. Там уже в зависимости от того, насколько этот вес лишний.

Можете скачать все изображения, которые видели выше:

Если этих изображений недостаточно для появления у вас новых идей, то есть ещё. Здесь ещё разнообразнее и часто даже слишком легко:

Ещё, конечно, видео. Их решил не загружать прямо в статью, но они в одноимённой папке в этом архиве:

Там же — бонусные изображения.


И немного прелендов под разные ГЕО — чтобы могли подобрать под свою РК, если выбирать будете из этого списка. Он не слишком уж насыщенный, но неплох. Впрочем, судить вам:

Если какой-то из прелендов показался интересным, скачивайте:

Детальнее о LeadRock

Достаточно просто взглянуть на перечеь призов, чтобы убедиться в крутости розыгрыша LeadRock. Поэтому просто смотрите:


1 место

1 000 000 РУБ

2 место


3 место


4-5 место


6-10 место


11-30 место


31-40 место






3 простые вещи для участия:

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Налить аппрувленных лидов по Нутре

Креативы получились действительно толстыми. По крайней мере эти истории наверняка откликнутся многим людям с похожей проблемой. Поэтому у них есть масса шансов реально зацепить. Стоит попробовать.


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