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🅰️  Заголовок  — Women 60+ shouldn’t have to pay for overpriced fitness trackers to improve their health. There’s no need to waste $400 on an Apple Smart Watch or even $200 on a Fitbit to track your exercise and steps. The ThermoFit Advanced Tracker has all the premium functions you need!

Studies show ACCOUNTABILITY in people over 60 is a critical success factor for getting in better shape and improving your overall health. Fitness trackers remind you how you’re doing every single day, and now you can finally get one for less than the cost of dinner! Everyone knows that being active and adding in consistent exercise are the key to a healthier, happier life.

✅ Instant Body Temperature Check

✅ Blood Oxygen & Heart Rate Monitoring!

✅ ECG Function, BP Testing & Sleep Tracking

✅ Track Walking, Running, Biking & More!

✅ IP67 Waterproof for Shower

✅ Ships from Buffalo, NY. Get it in 3 days or less!

✅ Easy app download and setup for your iPhone or Android

✅ Makes a perfect gift for family and friends

🅱️  Описание — The Best Fitness Tracker for Women over 60

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